How virtual reality will change the dating scene

Decades ago, you only met potential partners in person. Usually, they were coworkers, fellow students, or someone you met at a bar. Churchgoers found soul mates in the House of God.

With the Internet and mobile tech, people started meeting online, and the vast majority of them continue to do so. Usually, you’d see someone in person only after exchanging thousands of messages on social media or through dating apps like Tinder.

VR is the next major change on the dating scene. How does it work?

  • VR simulation apps help men improve their dating skills
  • Adult entertainment companies are investing in VR porn
  • Dating groups are arranging virtual blind dates

The perks of VR are obvious to people in long-distance relationships. Studies show that using apps like Facetime and Skype result in greater satisfaction and trust compared to just talking on the phone. Can we say that VR dating will lead to even greater trust and satisfaction? After all, it lets you share not only experiences but also environments with your long-distance partner.

It seems so. eHarmony reports thatby 2040, we’ll be able to go on full-sensory VR dates. This would involve putting on VR headgear and being able to touch and smell your partner even if he’s a hundred miles away. Is this always a good thing? That’s not the point.

Modern-day VR Dating

Long-distance couples can go on virtual dates at destinations of their choice – a sunny beach in Italy or the blue-tinged Ural Mountains. With VR, the possibilities are endless, and the tech is sure to relieve some of the long-distance pressure couples have to face.

Companies are churning out virtual dating apps, which have the potential to improve your dating outcomes by increasing the pool of potential matches. After all, you can interact with people from across the globe realistically. VR apps can help improve people’s dating and conversation skills.

What do we think?

VR is technology at its core. It will not guarantee you’ll discover the love of your life. It will enhance the dating experience like the telephone and the Internet did before it, but it won’t replace it. Dating is still all about social skills. If you have the right skills, VR will help you achieve results. You need to know what kind of a person you’re looking for, develop conversation skills, and only then think about the right tools to help get what you need. VR could well be one of those tools