Picard’s Quarters 2.0

Oculus Runtime 0.7 was released tonight and that means Windows 10 support for the DK2 and much better performance overall. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to make our demo more awesome. Based on our tests, the performance seems to have greatly improved. On our GTX970 machine, running in Epic mode, the demo is smooth everywhere in the room–even […]

Picard’s Quarters 1.0

We are very proud to share “Picard’s Quarters” with everyone! It was a joy to create and helped us cut our teeth on Unreal Engine 4, which impresses us in many ways and still has tremendous potential. From start to finish, it took about a month to complete the project. We’re eager to hear feedback […]


We’re releasing our first demo! It’s built in Unity and pays homage to Star Trek, one of our favorite shows. Here’s a little more info about the demo: What’s this demo? It’s a simple Virtual Reality application. Instead of the Ken Burns effect, we give you a cosmic backdrop and let you choose your own […]