Introducing RowVR Generator

We’re launching an open beta for RowVR Generator. It allows you to procedurally generate 3D models in a low-poly style. The goal is to make it simple to get assets for your next project whether it’s for prototyping or your next immersive experience. Here’s a collection of trees generated using the same generator (algorithm): tree00 by mankindforward on […]

Experiment: Row Station

A while back, we worked on a demo inspired by the Stanford Torus and Elysium. It’s a circular space station with a diameter of about 1km. We never finished our original concept but I do find myself going back in once in a while to fly around and enjoy the vastness of space. We may […]

Review: Convrge VR’s Stacks Demo

I was transfixed by the music the first time I saw the video. I watched it all the way through a few times. It seems to capture the feeling I have for VR, which is hope and anxiety. You could close your eyes and imagine a massive spaceship roaring silently through space. I downloaded it […]

Flying Cars, Virtual Reality, and Experiential Scarcity

Peter Thiel famously said, “We were promised flying cars, and instead what we got was 140 characters”. While there are promising flying car startups and Twitter is wildly popular, his argument that this technological future isn’t what we envisioned decades ago is largely true. We spent years developing personal computers and decades building out the Internet though we’re doing a […]

Two Visions for the Future of VR

A hurricane hit GDC last week and her name was Vive. No one knows how to pronounce the name yet and while everyone has heard of Valve, few know the Taiwanese company HTC whose name is actually on the product. The news sent the VR community into a frenzy. Some have called for a mass exodus from the Oculus […]

Basic UV Mapping in Blender

Once you’ve made your 3D mesh and it’s ready for texturing, the next step is UV mapping. It’s an essential step, so get your practice in and really take advantage of the different options Blender offers. If you’re a beginner, hopefully this post will be a useful starting point. What’s a UV Map? A UV map […]