VR Theremin (instrument) with Leap Motion

I created a VR version of a theremin, a touchless musical instrument, and attempted (cough) to play a scale and then the melody for The Swan by Saint-Saens in honor of today’s Google Doodle. Used an Oculus Rift DK2 with a Leap Motion (Orion) and Unreal Engine 4.10. VR musical instruments are gonna be awesome.

Download for Windows

Note that this is super basic–just to give you a sense of the core mechanics of what a VR theremin could look like. Make sure your Leap Motion is running properly using their visualizer and turn down your volume. Press ‘R’ to reset your HMD and use one hand to play. The pitch goes up as your bring your outstretched hand toward your face starting from C4 going up about 2 octaves. The cylinder in the scene is just for reference. I was just playing around with this but if there’s interest I may work on it some more.



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