Experiment: Row Station

Download for Windows


A while back, we worked on a demo inspired by the Stanford Torus and Elysium. It’s a circular space station with a diameter of about 1km. We never finished our original concept but I do find myself going back in once in a while to fly around and enjoy the vastness of space. We may revisit the idea down the road but for now I wanted to share this experience with the community–we need more sharing!

A few things to try:

  1. It takes a while, but fly all the way around the entire space station–it’s all generated, no illusions.
  2. Find a way outside the dome so you can see the station from the outside
  3. Fly really close to a surface
  4. Restart the demo to find a music track you like

It’s a work-in-progress so pardon the mess. It’s built in UE4 and almost everything is generated with blueprints because how else do you create such a big environment? I’d love some feedback and to hear about your own VR adventures.


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