How to Setup Multiplayer VR with Couch Knights

Couch Knights is an Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) mini-game designed to showcase VR multiplayer. It’s a lot of fun and it’s now one of my favorite VR experiences because I can play with friends. This guide will help you build the demo from source and connect with your friends over a LAN or online. There’s a download link at the bottom of this post for a playable Windows version for you convenience.

Until recently, I couldn’t get Couch Knights to run properly on Direct Mode or Extended Mode–I think it was just built for a much older version of the Oculus SDK and I did find it on a forum. Thankfully, Epic recently released the entire project free on their Marketplace! VR multiplayer is a new beast and I had some trouble getting it setup so I thought I’d write up some tips on getting it running. Enjoy!

  1. Update to UE 4.6.1 and Oculus 0.4.4. While this may work for earlier versions of both, I recommend the latest versions since I know this combination works.
  2. Download the project files from the UE4 Marketplace
  3. Create a project from the Library/Vault, open it, and then Package your project
  4. Zip up your project and share it with your friends. This is important because apparently you need exactly the same copy of the code for the two clients to connect. (at least I couldn’t get it to run from within the editor or from standalone mode)
  5. Run the game from each computers
  6. On the server, open the console and run “open Room?listen”. *Room* is the name of the level and this creates the multiplayer game. It may take a 10-30 seconds for the server to be discoverable.
  7. On the client, open the console and run “open <ip address>”.
  8. Both players should now press “Enter” to join the game. If you’re successful, both characters should drop into the map. We recommend using console controllers and classic button-mashing!


  • The IP address is your server computer’s local IP address (e.g. You can find this by running “ipconfig” in the “cmd” program. If you’re connecting to someone over the internet, you may need to do some additional configuration (e.g. port-forwarding)
  • We had issues with player input locking up after entering Rift mode and taking a swing. Sometimes a hit would “unlock” the inputs but this was annoying and only affected one of the machines. Note that you can play the game in non-rift mode as well
  • UE4 runs on port 7777 by default so you may need to open the firewall
  • Logs are super helpful for nailing down why connections fail. You can find the logs in CouchKnights > Saved > Logs

Download Link for Windows

Note: this is a Windows 64-bit build

Download for Windows

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