VR Demo Recommendations

UPDATED: 1/28/15

At RowVR, we try a lot of VR demos, games, and apps. We also get asked “What should I demo?” a lot by users and developers. Our recommendations are broken down by category and are usually free.

Full List

  • Paris Apartment – photo-realistic UE4 environment “hacked” to work with DK2
  • New Retro Arcade – 90s arcade where you can play games like Galaga, shoot hoops, bowl, and throw darts
  • Picard’s Quarters – recreation of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s captain’s quarters where you can listen to the theme song, interact with PADDs (the original iPad), and watch an animated LCARS screen
  • Elite: Dangerous – MMO space flight simulator whose graphics will blow you away
  • Weightless (Leap Motion controller required) – Fly in zero-G, interact with floating objects with your own hands, and listen to awesome music at same time. This one won the 2014 Leap Motion developer contest)
  • Guided Meditation – relax in an ever-growing list of environments
  • Vox Machinae – you’re in a mech shooting other mechs. The cockpit is very detailed and you get to fly around using a limited jetpack
  • Riftcoaster HD – simple rollercoaster using an Unreal Engine demo castle scene
  • My Neighbor Totoro – you can interact with Totoro, a giant <whatever-it-is> and see a “catbus” upclose
  • Birdy King Land – fast-paced theme park-style ride in a cool cartoony style (that will probably make you sick)
  • Titans of Space – beautiful educational tour of our solar system and beyond. It’s become a classic VR demo
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2 thoughts on “VR Demo Recommendations

  1. The reviews of Zero Point on Steam are horrific. They say it was a money grab and most of the content is lame interviews. ..just download the demo of it.


    1. It’s not great compared to the other (mainly) 360-video content out there but when it came out it was pretty neat. I showed it to my 50-something parents and they liked it. It’s also worth noting that they’ve updated it since the original release and I got it when it was on discount 🙂


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