Suggested GPU 3D Settings

These are settings and brief explanations for our GTX970 machine. You can find this in your “Nvidia Control Panel”. They may not provide optimal performance for every VR experience but it’s a good place to start. The two key ones, in my view, are the power management and preferred refresh rate settings.

Part 1



  • Ambient Occlusion – fancy shadows
  • FXAA – preferred type of anti-aliasing for VR
  • MFAA – disabled in favor of FXAA

Part 2



  • Power management mode – full power to the GPU!
  • Preferred refresh rate – highest, otherwise, the computer sometimes gets lazy and falls back to 60Hz
  • Triple buffering and Vsync – yes, yes
  • VR pre-rendered frames – let the app decide, please
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3 thoughts on “Suggested GPU 3D Settings

    1. I’ve also read in Oculus’s best practices that buffering should be turned off to reduce latency, however, I believe this is related to the tradeoff between latency and framerate. Most of the time I’m trading off latency for better framerate because at the moment with runtime 0.4.4 I see judder the moment framerate drops below 75FPS. In fact, it usually goes straight from 75FPS to 37FPS…a cliff! The same tradeoff was made by Oculus going from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4 when they stopped forcing the GPU to flush every frame. For now, I’ve been recommending leaving triple buffering on but if there’s more information that solves the judder issue rather than a pure latency optimization, I’d love to see it. Thanks!


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