Picard’s Quarters 1.0

We are very proud to share “Picard’s Quarters” with everyone! It was a joy to create and helped us cut our teeth on Unreal Engine 4, which impresses us in many ways and still has tremendous potential. From start to finish, it took about a month to complete the project. We’re eager to hear feedback from the VR community on our work and we’ll also be sharing some tips for developing for VR using UE4 soon. These are some of my favorite experiences in the room:

  • Getting an up-close look at all 7 custom-made PADDs featuring senior officers
  • Enjoying Picard’s Ressikan flute theme in the lounge area
  • Listening to the show’s opening credits by Picard’s desk
  • Finding Picard’s iconic tea cup
  • Closing your eyes and enjoying the soft hum of a Galaxy-class starship

RowVR will be at the SVVR Holiday party tonight, in spite of the “rain storm of the decade”. VR doesn’t wait for a little rain.


9 thoughts on “Picard’s Quarters 1.0

    1. Hi John,

      Here are the high-level setup notes:

      Adjust your volume on your speakers or headphones
      Choose your desired quality settings and additional options
      Review the controls
      Stand up (Note: Oculus Rift is a seated experience)
      Put on your HMD
      (optional) Pick up your gamepad
      Click “Continue”

      If you need more details, please email us at support@rowvr.co. Note that this demo will work best in Direct Mode.




  1. My DK2 is running in Extended mode and as a Primary Display, but it displays only on monitor. I’ve changed setting to have DK2 as a secondary display – same 😦


    1. Hi Lucy,

      I’m not sure why that is. Most people who try our demo in Extended Mode usually have the problem of not being able to go full screen but it does display on their DK2. Can you try in Direct Mode? Our demo is actually designed to work in DM.



  2. I meant to say, where is the gear vr version? And I forgot to click notify me of new comments on the other post, so if you respond to this one I will get it. Thanks.


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