Download for Windows

We’re releasing our first demo! It’s built in Unity and pays homage to Star Trek, one of our favorite shows. Here’s a little more info about the demo:

What’s this demo?

It’s a simple Virtual Reality application. Instead of the Ken Burns effect, we give you a cosmic backdrop and let you choose your own photos and music. The length of the stage varies dynamically with the number of photos. This is our first foray into VR and we hope to create many more applications.

How do I use my own photos?

Replace the contents of the “Media” folder with your own photos. JPG and PNG formats are supported and for performance reasons, there’s a limit of 12 photos. The photos will be shown in alphabetical order so you may want to rename your photos–for example, we named ours trekXX.jpg.

How do I use my own music?

Put your audio file in the “Media” folder as well. We’ll only load the first one we find. We support both OGG and WAV formats. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot support MP3 format. If you have an MP3, we recommend you convert it to OGG using this free tool:

Our next demo will also be an app, but built in Unreal Engine 4…stay tuned!

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